Garrison Art Center

Watered Down: Issues That Run Two Ways, a site-specific installation for the Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY, highlights the Hudson River Watershed.  2 Su’s, Interactive Environmental Installations team, Suzan Shutan, and Susan Knight interpret scientific data from pie charts, graphs and maps about the water quality in the watershed. 2015

Everything flows, nothing stands still.  The change and tidal exchange of the river is mirrored in divergent communities within the Hudson River Watershed.  Communities of Industry, Agriculture, Recreation and Households have their unique currents, sometimes crossing over, sometimes at cross-purposes, but often detrimental to the water and to quality of life.

Using unconventional materials such as Tyvek and Mylar, Susan manipulates and constructs materials to build an unexpected environment in which viewers experience insight into the area’s varied resources and the challenge to balance multiple water uses and interests.