Lucky Links

Over millenniums opposing forces and cycles in nature cooperated to support continual growth and creation. Is this unique phenomenon of cooperation in nature a link to our own culture’s successful survival?

Lucky Links visually represents my reflections on our polarized American culture, and the natural world. Suspended hand cut Tyvek crystal patterns represent early interactions between water and rock that produced crystal. Camouflage compo-nents are hand cut with faces and painted with the colors of human skin portray our culture. All components are painted with glow in the dark paint on one side.

Scientists, citizen scientists, environmentalists, and permacul-ture practitioners from the Eureka Springs area contributed their thoughts and experiences to Lucky Links, a multi-phase project. Five components of Lucky Links were installed out-side at the Eureka Springs School of Art, Eureka Springs, AR, and inside at Project, Project Gallery, Omaha, NE. One side of each component is painted with glow in the dark paint.